Monday, 10 August 2015

Parochetus communis

Parochetus communis
Plants that produce flowers of true blue, without even a hint of purple, are quite rare and this is one of the easiest - making clear cobalt blue pea flowers of good size over a long period. The clover-like foliage is also attractively marked and it makes a good ground cover in a sheltered spot, and especially with some shade.
Parochetus communis
Not terribly hardy but the parent of these plants has survived in a narrow border up against the north-facing wall of a house in East Sussex through the last 10 years. Generally frost erases the top growth every winter but it comes back strongly in time to flower in late summer/autumn. Alternatively it can be started under cover and used for summer bedding or hanging baskets.
1L pots ~ £6


Greenfingers said...

Any idea how wide an area this plant can cover as it reaches maturity?

Steve Law said...

pretty much indefinite - it roots as it goes