Sunday, 30 August 2015

Clematis serratifolia

Clematis serratifolia
A member of the same group as tangutica and orientalis, but with broad serrated leaves. The flowers are of a fresh pale yellow.
Clematis serratifolia
An easy and adaptable late flowering species.
2L pots ~ £12

Friday, 28 August 2015

Acis autumnalis (aka Leucojum autumnale)

Acis autumnalis
Autumn snowflake. Nothing like the more familiar spring and summer snowflakes with which it used to be classified, except that they have pale nodding flowers. No more than four inches high with very fine glossy almost evergreen foliage. Flowers mostly in August and September.
Acis autumnalis
A very pretty and hardy little bulb – easy in a well-drained sunny spot without too much competition.
10cm pots ~ £5

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Ribes longiracemosum

Ribes longiracemosa
A subtly attractive large currant bush producing long trails of pale orangeish green tubular flowers in spring.
Ribes longiracemosa in bud
The new growth is a feature too – glossy and heavily tinted with maroon.
Ribes longiracemosa new foliage
For moist soils in sun or part shade.
1L pots ~ £12

Monday, 10 August 2015

Zizia aurea

Zizia aurea
An attractive medium sized umbellifer from the USA. The foliage is a good dark lustrous green and the flower heads are fresh yellow. Known as Golden Alexanders in its homeland in reference to the rather invasive European Alexanders (Smyrnium olusatrum) - the American plant has however shown no signs of being a nuisance. For any half decent soil in sun or part shade.
2L pots ~ £8

Parochetus communis

Parochetus communis
Plants that produce flowers of true blue, without even a hint of purple, are quite rare and this is one of the easiest - making clear cobalt blue pea flowers of good size over a long period. The clover-like foliage is also attractively marked and it makes a good ground cover in a sheltered spot, and especially with some shade.
Parochetus communis
Not terribly hardy but the parent of these plants has survived in a narrow border up against the north-facing wall of a house in East Sussex through the last 10 years. Generally frost erases the top growth every winter but it comes back strongly in time to flower in late summer/autumn. Alternatively it can be started under cover and used for summer bedding or hanging baskets.
1L pots ~ £6