Monday, 23 June 2014

Watsonia aff. pillansii peachy pink

Watsonia pillansii?
I've been trying to find the correct identity of this for some time. Most of the information points to it being a form of W.pillansii but there are several other species and hybrids it could be. Typical pillansii is a rich glowing orange but is otherwise similar and there are several pink forms in cultivation.
Watsonia pillansii (?)
What you mainly need to know though is that these bulbs were taken from the edge of a clump that has survived at the foot of a south facing wall in East Sussex for decades. The soil is decidedly badly draining and especially wet in winter. It's a winter grower and in very cold winters it loses its leaves and is unlikely to flower but in milder years it invariably comes back and flowers well. The bulbs are right at the surface so pretty tough. A more sheltered spot on better soil would no doubt produce better results.
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