Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dragon Heads!

Dracocephalum is a lovely genus but oddly neglected in cultivation. They're not as easy going as many other labiates but well worth the effort.

Dracocephalum austriacum
Dracocephalum austriacum
A wonderful plant - one the best new things I grow. This bushy species has narrow green foliage and heads of large dark inky purple flowers.
Dracocephalum austriacum and Iris aphylla
Endangered in the wild but easy in the garden given normal ‘alpine’ conditions. Very special.
1L pots ~ £7

Dracocephalum rupestre and/or grandiflorum
Dracocephalum grandiflorum
A compact leafy herbaceous perennial producing a mound of rounded green leaves with rich purple ‘Dragon Heads’ on short reddish stems above. For a well drained (but not too dry), sunny (but not too hot) site, if that makes any sense. Basically a large alpine. I've had seed of this as both D.rupestre and grandiflorum and they seem identical. If anyone can let me know how to tell which is which I'd be grateful.

Sold out for now

Dracocephalum forrestii
Dracocephalum forrestii

A good strong ‘alpine’ making heads of soft lilac dragon heads at the tips of low spreading stems with narrow green leaves. For a well-drained but not parched spot in sun. 
1L pots ~ £6