Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hypericum aegypticum, balearicum & reptans

Hypericum have something of a reputation for being rather nondescript shrubs, suitable only for unimaginative municipal plantings. There are quite a few very choice miniatures though. Here's a couple of them.

Hypericum aegypticum
A terrific little shrub for a hot dry spot, looking perhaps more like one of the shrubby Linums than a Hypericum.
Bear in mind that it stays very small (just a few inches across) so avoid invasive companions, but otherwise ideal for a sunny raised bed or a trough with other Mediterranean sun-lovers.
My plants have come through the last two winters unprotected here in Sussex without difficulty.
sold out for now


Hypericum reptans
Hypericum reptans
Another very small species, this time creeping over the ground like a thyme. The flowers though are more like the more familiar shrubby species - rich golden bowls and quite substantial for such a tiny plant.

Hypericum reptans
Fully hardy and suitable for any open sunny well-drained spot with other small plants.
1L pots ~ £5

Hypericum balearicum
Hypericum balearicum
A choice and curious little evergreen shrubby species for a sunny sheltered site with free-draining soil. Quite hardy here so far.
1L pots ~ £6

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